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Electronic Product Design Services

Working Together

SG Designs has the expertise and capabilities to bring your product ideas to market. We believe in providing clients with designs optimised to the real performance and cost requirements, on time and on cost.

A flexible but structured approach to product design and development is key to success.

A structured approach allows us and the client to have a clear understanding of the tasks required, a means of managing any changes, plus documented reports such as design specifications and validation reports. Implementing good design disciplines throughout the design and development cycle gives you confidence that your product is ready for production.

A flexible approach because we can undertake the complete design and development process or just parts of it.

Our approach depends on the nature of the project and the client. Many clients undertake large parts of the process themselves whereas others may wish to have us do the bulk of the work. We can cover the whole process or just parts of it as required. In either case we always ensure clear communication with sufficient reviews and checkpoints.

A typical design process is outlined below:-

  • Feasibility studies, ideas and concept generation. Concept Review.
  • Research and Development. Perhaps the product concept requires some basic research before we can create a solution. It may also require analysis of existing or competing solution.
  • Devising suitable solutions then discussing and refining with the client to reach a specification.
  • Specification creation with the client. This can vary from the client providing a detailed specification to SG Designs writing a design specification for the client to review. Specification Review.
  • Detailed design, calculation and simulation.
  • CAD Schematic capture. Design Review.
  • Complete product design including enclosure design if required.
  • CAD PCB design.
  • Prototype build.
  • Functional Testing and design validation including a validation report.
  • Performance Review.
  • Regulatory Testing e.g. EMC and Safety testing.
  • Modifications, if required, from Regulatory testing.
  • Manufacturing data Review.
  • Arrange manufacturing of prototype and production units.