SG Designs - Circuit, simulation, MathCad, Pspice, EMC, compliance, testing

Electronic Product Design Services

Analysis, Simulation and Validation

There are 3 keys steps to ensure that your design is fundamentally sound:-
Analysis, Simulation and Validation.

Analysis and Simulation

We use MathCad, PSpice, LTSpice, a few custom design programs and MS Excel for design analysis and simulation.

mathcad example

Example of Mathcad

Careful design analysis and simulation saves time and cost in product development and boosts quality.

Of course the ‘acid test‘ is thorough validation on prototype hardware and software.

photo of test bed

LED Driver under Test


Every design is comprehensively measured over its full performance range and a validation report created. A typical design validation report would contain relevant test data, ‘scope captures, MS Excel charts etc. acquired from lab testing.

thermal image example

Thermal image of 70W flyback PSU

We have a full suite of test equipment including:-

  • Two of LeCroy GHz Digital ‘scopes
  • Four of TTI Intelligent DMMs
  • Three of High speed DC/AC current probes
  • Three of 100MHz Differential probes
  • Agilent 5Hz-500MHz Network/Spectrum analyser (for loop response tests - amongst other things).
  • Agilent 8495E EMC spectrum analyzer plus LISN for EMC measurement
  • Three Kikusui electronic loads
  • Thermal measurements including IR thermal imaging
  • 6 off Low and High voltage lab PSU
  • Voltech AC power analyzer
  • Elgar variable frequency/voltage AC PSU
  • Variac
  • Wavetek 50MHz pulse/function generator
  • HP Timer/counter
  • Thandar Function Generator
  • 8 Channel Thermocouple datalogger
  • 2 Channel 12 bit ADC datalogger

Much of this equipment is computer connected to ease validation report generation.