SG Designs - SMPS, Buck, Boost, Flyback, converter, Lithium Ion, Super capacitor, Ultra capacitor

Electronic Product Design Services

Power Conversion and Management

Teradyne Diagnostic Solutions design and manufacture a range of sophisticated diagnostic equipment for service bay and production line test. For many years we have worked with Teradyne engineering staff to provide numerous designs.

These are advanced DC/DC converters stepping up and/or down operating at various power levels from automotive (8 to 42 VDC) power sources. A typical piece of Teradyne equipment will contain around 5 to 10 such converters. Space and heat are always an issue so many of these designs are state of the art in terms of miniaturisation, efficiency and thermal management. These power supplies have to meet strict vehicle electrical environment specifications.

The photographs shown are all power converters in one piece of hand-held equipment.

Isolated flyback supplies

Isolated flyback supplies generating 3.3V, 5V -9.5V and +9.5V

Non-isolated supplies

Non-isolated supplies. Buck and linear regulators for 5V, 2v5, 1V5 and 1V2 rails. Also capacitor bank and battery charge/management

High power SEPIC converter

High power SEPIC converter and Ultra-Capacitor energy store