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Other Projects

Consultation, design reviews and circuit design and development for Teradyne (formerly GenRad) Diagnostics Solutions products, on power supply systems, analogue instruments and CAN physical layer for automotive testers.
A major problem solving / redesign of an existing design, fixing various power consumption, EMC and thermal management problems.
Numerous DC/DC converters for Teradyne Diagnostics Solutions products. These are advanced DC/DC converters stepping up and/or down operating at various power levels from automotive (8 to 42 VDC) power sources. A typical piece of Teradyne equipment will contain around 5 to 10 such converters. Space and heat are always an issue so many of these designs are state of the art in terms of miniaturisation, efficiency and thermal management. These power supplies have to meet strict vehicle electrical environment specifications.
Universal AC/DC 10V to 32V input LED driver for 9 x 1W LEDS at 350mA or 4 x LEDS at 700mA utilising SMD technology and planar magnetics for a very low profile (8mm).
Off line 9W LED driver.
Off line (mains powered) LED drivers, 36 x 1W LED with 3 channels and PWM LED dimming.
Off line 55W LED PSU with programmable voltage output.
Radio controlled LED colour driver system for 3 x 18W total RGB LEDS, designed RF handheld keypad, and off line receiver/LED driver. This is microprocessor based.
A large proportion of LumiDrives product line.
Numerous battery (NiMh and LiON) and super-capacitor chargers for Teradyne Automotive Diagnostics products.
Industrial battery analyser and monitor for standby power systems. Including AC impedance analysis of lead acid batteries.
300W off line industrial battery charger.
Consultation with LEM on high speed current probe electronics.
Consultation with DeepStream Technology on sub-miniature off-line PSU.
EMC consulting/ problem solving (various clients).
18W HID lamp driver (ballast and igniter) with LiON battery pack for body mounted dental lamp. This achieved greater efficiency, smaller size and lower cost than the stock Welch Allyn ballast.
36W LED off-line Floodlight including thermal design.
70W train headlamp PSU (DC/DC).
Train lighting controller utilising Xilink CPLDs and 110V isolated interfaces.
9W LED reading lamp for TGV train with capacitive touch switch technology.
3KW 3 phase high speed AC motor drive for a medical centrifuge.
A new range (2008) of high-end, high power LED based bicycle lamps with Li-Ion batteries.