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Electronic Product Design Services

Power Electronics

Battery Technology

Experienced in the analysis and design of portable power solutions including charge, discharge and ‘gas gauging’ of:-

  • LiON
  • NiMh and NiCad
  • Sealed Lead Acid
  • Ultra Capacitor energy storage

We can analyse your requirements and design the optimum solution.

High Brightness LED Drivers

Closely related to our skills in switched mode power are power LED Drivers.

Recently, much of our work has involved power LED drivers both battery powered portable solutions and off-line drivers.

Switched Mode Power Conversion

We have much experience and expertise in all switched mode power conversion topologies e.g. Buck, Boost, Buck/Boost, Flyback, SEPIC, Push-Pull, Forward and Bridge.

  • DC/DC converters from Micropower to kWatts
  • AC/DC converters including PFC

Motor Control

From low power precision DC motors and servos to KW motor drives.