SG Designs - EMC, consultant, electronic product, development, manufacture, R&D

Electronic Product Design Services

Concept to Manufacture

SG Designs has the expertise, experience, knowledge, industry contacts, equipment and tools to carry out all phases of most projects from research through to providing manufactured products.

We are very experienced in executing projects with multi-disciplinary requirements such as simultaneous research, industrial design, mechanical design and electronic/software design followed by prototype and volume manufacture.

Our own expertise covers general electronic developments mentioned above plus:-

  • A sound understanding of the theory and application of physical principles
  • Analytical modelling using various tools e.g. MathCAD, PSpice, and Excel
  • Mechanical design aptitude and CAD software
  • Industrial design experience and close links to several Industrial Design studios
  • Regular use of 2 electronic sub-contract manufacturers
  • Close contacts with various mechanical manufacturing companies e.g. CNC machining, laser cutting, sheet metal, welded fabrications in aluminium, stainless steel and ferrous metals

EMC and Regulatory Compliance

We keep updated on the latest requirements regarding worldwide compliance for example in EMC and safety. We regularly use 2 test houses in the North West for formal testing. In addition we are able to perform limited pre-compliance testing for EMC using our own lab equipment.

SG Designs is very experienced in design for compliance and can also provide EMC consultancy to help third party designs meet the regulatory standards.