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Electronic Product Design Services

SG Designs

SG Designs is an electronic product design and consultancy service based in Macclesfield, Cheshire.

With over 28 years‘ electronic design experience, and close links to related industry contacts, we offer a very flexible service allowing us to take a product from concept through to production, or simply perform specific tasks as part of your overall project.

SG Designs can take your idea from concept through to manufacture.

SG Designs offers electronic design consultancy and advice to suit your project from one day to long term contracts.

SG Designs specialise in:-

  • Analogue design of all types including: low power design, precision, wideband, audio and HiFi circuit design, data acquisition and measurement systems
  • Power Electronics including: switched mode power conversion, DC/DC and AC/DC converters, LED drivers, battery technology and battery chargers
  • Low power RF and remote control systems
  • Sensor and actuator and motor controllers
  • Microprocessor and Digital electronics including: various microprocessor families, CPLD/FPGA design, digital design. Design for EMC and EMC consultancy